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Inspiring Change: Dr. Ullanda Niel’s Commitment to Accessible and Inclusive Healthcare

In honor of Neurodiversity Week and International Women’s Day, this month, we are excited to spotlight Dr. Ullanda Niel, a dedicated family physician whose compassionate work represents the essence of these celebrations. Dr. Niel’s journey into medicine, shaped by her childhood dreams and experiences, has led her to specialize in caring for individuals with intellectual disabilities, including her contributions to the Black community’s healthcare.

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A Holistic Approach to Mental Wellness with Dr. Burgess

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and we are highlighting the work of Dr. Sydnee Burgess, a Family Medicine Psychotherapist with a distinctive holistic approach to mental wellness. Dr. Burgess combines her expertise in anthropology, family medicine, and psychotherapy to offer practical stress management techniques and advocate for accessible mental health care. This article shares insights into mindfulness and self-compassion as tools for thriving independently.

Enjoy learning more about Dr. Burgess’s approach to creating a more resilient society.

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A Fresh Perspective: Dr. Josiah Osagie’s Youth-Led Advocacy in Psychiatry

This May, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we proudly highlight Dr. Josiah Osagie, a dynamic psychiatry resident on the brink of completing his training. Dr. Osagie’s fervent promotion of accessible mental health services and culturally sensitive care reflects the passion and dedication of young professionals. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and now based in Toronto, his journey exemplifies the transformative impact that fresh perspectives can bring to mental health advocacy.

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