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Looking for a Black family doctor and/or a clinic ?

Culturally safe care for people of African descent

TAIBU Community Health Centre (CHC) is a multidisciplinary, non-for-profit, community led organization established to serve the Black Community across the Greater Toronto Area as its priority population. We are located in the Malvern neighbourhood of Scarborough in Ontario.  More about TAIBU

Women’s Health in Women’s Hands. The Mandate of Women’s Health in Women’s Hands (WHIWH) Community Health Centre is to provide primary healthcare to racialized women from the African, Black, Caribbean, Latin American and South Asian communities in Toronto and surrounding municipalities.  Learn about WHIWH.

The Black Health Professionals Network (BHPN) recently launched a Black Healthcare Professionals Directory. This is a valuable database of Black Physicians in Ontario which can help you find culturally sensitive and competent healthcare providers who understand the unique needs of the Black community.

There are a number of additional community health centres that provide equitable health care and community services for various communities. Many can be found by searching the website of the Alliance for Healthy Communities. The AHC represents 107 community-governed primary health care organizations (including TAIBU and WHIWH). Search for a centre near you by clicking the button below.

Are you a newcomer to Canada?

get Familiar with the canadian healthcare system

Welcome to Canada! If you are a newcomer, we understand that adjusting to a new environment can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to healthcare. That’s why we have compiled a list of essential resources to help you navigate the healthcare system in Canada. This list includes information on healthcare access, mental well-being, and more. The resources have been carefully selected by Dr. Onye Nnorom, Dr. Modupe Tunde-Byass, and Natacha Pennycooke, who are experts in the field.

We would like to thank Dr. Natalie Smith for compiling these resources.

Looking for healthcare resources for Black women?

List of resources specific for black women

It is important to note that Black women face unique health challenges that require tailored attention. Dr. Onye Nnorom, Dr. Modupe Tunde-Byass, and Natacha Pennycooke have also put together a list of resources, communities, and health centers that specifically address the health needs of Black women. This list is a valuable tool to help you access the appropriate healthcare services and support.

We would like to thank Dr. Natalie Smith for compiling these resources.

Are you a Black healthcare provider or administrator?

Get involved in grass-roots community engagement to improve Black community health.

The Black Health Alliance is a community-led registered charity working to improve the health and well-being of Black communities in Canada.

Are you a student interested in medicine / health sciences?

Initiatives for black high school or university students interested in pursuing medical careers

The University of Toronto has a number of province-wide initiatives for Black and under-represented groups interested in medicine and health sciences. The summer mentorship program gives high school students of Indigenous or African ancestry a chance to explore health sciences. The Community of Support program provides mentors, information on admissions, and guidance through medical school application process

Are you Interested in Advancing Cardiac Care in Black Communities?

New online program spearheaded by BPAO members brings awareness to racial Disparities.

This new online program spearheaded by BPAO members is brining  awareness to the racial disparities in the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and  will explore ways to close the gap by improving preventative care.
Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:
  • Recognize important considerations for disease prevention and management in the black population
  • Identify the features of patients at risk of cardiovascular-related diseases in order to implement primary prevention strategies
  • Evaluate patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) and other cardiovascular diseases for the red flag symptoms of modifiable causes, such as cardiac amyloidosis

Are you interested in learning about African American health issues?

Get Access to Information on African American health issues in the US and online CME.

The National Medical Association (NMA) is the largest and oldest national organization representing African American physicians and their patients in the United States.

Looking For A Black Therapist?

Click below to view a list of Black Therapist and Allies across Canada.
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