Welcoming VP: Dr. Shambe Mutungi

The BPAO is pleased to welcome Dr. Shambe Mutungi into her new role as Vice President at the organization.

The BPAO is pleased to welcome Dr. Shambe Mutungi into her new role as Vice President at the organization. She assumed this seat following two years serving as the Board Secretary.

She is a practicing OBGYN serving at Lakeridge Health in Durham region. She joins us following the recent completion of her Masters of Health Administration at U of T Dalla Lana School of Public Health. She pursued this Masters with the intention of gaining a better understanding of the connection between clinical work and the decisions made in senior leadership.

She looks forward to applying some of the tools and lessons learned during her education journey, and aims to support the progress of projects already in motion.

Prior to her board engagement, Dr. Mutungi attended conferences and events hosted by the BPAO, but found it challenging to find the time amidst her studies and training. Now she’s making up for that time, and going all in with her service on the board.

She is excited about having more Durham representation in the organization and on the board, and looks forward to showing up in the community both as an OBGYN and as a champion for Black health issues.

“It’s been great,” she said. “ Andrew and Chenai are so supportive, they told me I can be involved in whatever my passions are. So I’m excited to be a part of the progress, and by all there is to learn.”

Since her appointment in February of this year, she has been digging into the work, and is excited for what is up ahead. Dr. Mutungi will hold her seat as Vice President for a term of two years.

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