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Sharing our voices for our health


Message from Dr. Teresa Semalulu, BPAO Board member & President of BPAO Resident subcommittee:

The BPAO has now expanded to include a resident subcommittee! This is an exciting time as representation from residents will provide unique insight into the needs of current trainees. The purpose of the subcommittee is to represent the interests of Black resident physicians across Ontario with a focus on social engagement, mentorship and advocacy.

 The subcommittee is led by Black resident physicians across the province and currently includes members from the University of Toronto, Ottawa University and McMaster, and is in the process of expanding. These members are Drs. Teresa Semalulu, Flavia Sendi-Mukasa, Ayodele Odutayo, Antony Theogène, Rashida Williams and Ghassan Elkarim, the ladder two of whom are members of the University of Toronto Black Canadian Admissions Subcommittee. Dr. Tina Madzima also provides consistent contributions.

 The resident subcommittee is excited to be part of the BPAO and has already collaborated on advocacy and wellness initiatives. Input from residents is essential as we are the next generation of practicing physicians. Our unique position allows us to bridge the gap from medical school training to practice, enabling us to provide support to those that follow us while subsequently seeking guidance from those ahead of us. This pipeline will ensure that the BPAO is representative of the full spectrum of Black persons in medicine.

 We are currently in the process of expanding our executive committee, so if you are a Black resident physician and would like to get involved, please contact Teresa Semalulu (teresa.semalulu@medportal.ca) or Ayodele Odutayo (ayodele.odutayo@gmail.com). Furthermore, there will be a resident meet-up prior to the BPAO Annual Health Symposium in February, which will serve as an opportunity for residents across the province to connect with one another and to learn more about the BPAO resident subcommittee.


Look forward to seeing you there!


Teresa Semalulu, on behalf of the BPAO resident subcommittee