Message from Dr. Helen Teklemariam, MD

President, Black Resident Physicians of Ontario

Dear members,

The Black Resident Physicians of Ontario (BRPO) is a sub-committee of the Black Physicians Association of Ontario (BPAO). The BRPO became a part of the BPAO in 2019, and since then we have strived to work together closely and collaboratively. The purpose of the BRPO is to represent the interests of Black medical resident physicians and clinical fellows across Ontario, with emphasis on our three main pillars: mentorship, advocacy and community building.

In the last year, we have worked intimately with the Black Physicians of Canada to launch the national mentorship program, which matches diverse mentors with Black medical resident mentees. This program is the first of its kind. We also provide mentorship; collaboration efforts with the Black Medical Students’ Association of Canada has led to a provincial mentorship program for medical student mentees. We plan to continuously develop our mentorship programs and strategies over the next years.

Various efforts have been made within medical education in Ontario to increase representation of Black medical learners in the medical field; but the work has only just begun. Achieving racial equity in medicine will be a long and arduous process, which is why advocacy is a priority for our organization. We have newly formed an Advocacy Committee, for which we aim to have representatives from each medical school in Ontario and make strides in equity, diversity and inclusivity.

The last two years have been extremely difficult for most of us. Among the variety of challenges, many of us have developed screen fatigue. We plan to focus our efforts on community building this upcoming academic year, by hosting multiple in-person events for our membership, pandemic permitting. Our events will focus on socializing and wellness, and mentorship and networking, to help foster a deeper sense of connection in the growing Black medical community.

If you are a Black medical resident or clinical fellow in Canada and are not connected through out WhatsApp group, please email with your personal information. If in Ontario and not currently connected to the BRPO through our mailing list please reach out to to receive our newsletters, as well as information regarding ongoing opportunities and future events.

Helen Teklemariam, MD
President, Black Resident Physicians of Ontario

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