Physician Vaccinators Wanted

BPAO is gathering names of Physician Vaccinators for the immunization clinics in Black communities, starting with TAIBU CHC in Scarborough. This is open to ALL practicing physicians and our target is Black practicing physicians – representation matters – but if you have received this and you are a racialized/BIPOC doctor then you are welcome to sign up as well. Non-practicing physicians cannot register as vaccinators at this time but we are working hard to address this.


What You Need To Know

BPAO vaccinators who want to do pop-up or mobile clinics do not require hospital credentialing to participate in this work. BPAO vaccinators who want to participate in the Scarborough vaccine clinics (e.g. TAIBU CHC) will have to register for temporary, hospital privileges through SHN. It is an easy expedited process for COVID-19; if you sign up via the BPAO link and select Toronto/Scarborough as a site, this automatically initiates the process.

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If you are a healthcare provider and want updates on how to join the Black vaccinator network, please contact our Black Health Vaccine Initiative to let us know and we will contact you as soon as this process is finalized.

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