International Medical Graduate (IMG) Community Resources

Finding the right community and resources to support has been very challenging for many IMGs. This page is dedicated to coalescing the up-to-date information available in IMG resources, pathways to licensure, and networking channels for IMGs part of the BPAO community when in search for more information. The BPAO will continue to provide updates on IMG resources in hopes of providing a holistic platform for Black IMGs in their steps towards practicing in Canada.

Existing Resources geared towards IMG matching back to Canada

Society of Canadians Studying Medicine Abroad (SOCASMA) is an organization based in Canada whose aim is to support Canadians who have trained in medicine abroad in matching back to Canada. The team supports both Canadian citizens and permanent residents and has a network of physicians who have attended schools in different countries that can provide medical school specific information.

For more information on SOCASMA, please visit the website:


Internationally Trained Physicians of Ontario 

Internationally Trained Physicians of Ontario (ITPO) was founded in 2021 by a team of committed Canadian trained and internationally trained physicians driven by a goal to increase the opportunities of integrating immigrant physician expertise into the Canadian healthcare system.

The National Assessment Collaboration’s (NAC) Practice-Ready Assessment (PRA) programs are currently being offered in eight Canadian provinces. This is providing a new pathway to licensures for IMGs who have already completed their residency and practiced independently abroad.

Through these programs, a clinical field assessment is offered over a period of 12 weeks. Successful candidates who have completed the assessment will then be required to fulfill a return of service in a rural area of the province of assessment.

For more information visit the website:



The PRA selection process involves an initial screening of experience, credentials, and applicant assessments. From there the PRA program selects applicants who meet eligibility and sponsorship requirements to participate in the PRA.

Eligibility criteria include: 

  • Language proficiency
  • Currency of practice
  • Scope of practice
  • Credentials
  • Completion of the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part


For more information on eligibility criteria and information for applicants, please visit:


Therapeutic Decision Making Examination – TDME 

The TDME is another component of the PRA process for the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador

It consists of a 3.5 hr test consisting of patient-based scenarios representing common or important clinical presentations and problems that family physicians practising in Canada should be able to competently manage in the following dimensions of medical care: health promotion and illness prevention, acute illness, chronic illness, and safety and adverse effects.

For more information on the TDME, please visit:

Become a Practice Ready Assessor!

As we know, systemic barriers often due to subconscious bias in interview processes, can negatively impact Black applicants applying through any stream. By having a team of assessors that is representative of the applicant pool being examined, there can be an increase in diversity of perspectives from assessors and subsequent diversity of the future team of Canadian physicians. 

The PRA programs are currently seeking experienced family physicians to become a part of their assessment tea. As an assessor you would supervise incoming applicants to determine qualification for independent practice within that province. It would typically consist of a team of 2-3 assessors, and responsibilities vary based on designation of primary or secondary assessor. 

Benefits of becoming an assessor include compensation for time taken to take part in the training, contributing to care within underserviced rural areas, and benefiting from the circle of teaching that comes with being a physician both through supervision and assessor personal training from through learning modules and face-to-face training workshops.


Practice Ready Ontario is currently family physicians working in rural and remote regions to become an assessor for Spring 2024. For more information on becoming a practice ready assessor in Ontario you can review the assessor information flyer or fill out the expression of interest form.  

For more information on how to become a PRA assessor in any of the 8 provinces, please visit:



Mentorship is always integral, particularly as a Black physician. The BPAO recognizes this and as a part of the plan to support IMGs pathway to licensure in Canada, we are hoping to create a database of IMGs who have matched back to Canada and who are in the process of applying. This can provide school or province specific resources for IMGs and collegial support through what is a stressful process. 

To become a part of this network, please fill out this google form if you are an IMG who has matched, or in the process of matching: