Honouring Dr. Miriam Rossi

This women’s history month, we honour Dr. Miriam Rossi, physician, health equity champion, mentor, co-founder of the BPAO, and so much more. 

In 1994, Dr. Rossi co-founded the Summer Mentorship Program at the U of T, which gave high school student­­s a chance to explore a variety of fields in the health sciences. It was a unique opportunity for Black and Indigenous youth to get a taste of the medical field and learn from mentors with shared lived experiences.

Today her legacy is still felt as we continue working toward increasing the number of Black physicians in medical and learning institutions.

Many of Dr. Rossi’s students now serve as members of the BPAO, and were inspired to pay it forward as mentors and champions today.

Her willingness to serve her community through mentorship was a gift that physicians of all colours today continue to benefit from. Representation matters, and her visibility as a Black woman in the 80s and 90s made the possibility of entering medicine a reality.

Source: University of Toronto News

As associate dean of student affairs at the U of T, Professor Emeritus Miriam Rossi advised students on their academic, professional and personal lives.

Beyond U of T, Dr. Rossi was also instrumental in improving access to care and quality of care for minority communities in Toronto. She was a major champion in establishing the TAIBU Community Health Centre, which provides care to Black communities in the Greater Toronto Area.

An overall health equity champion, Dr. Rossi is certainly a woman who both made history, and influenced the present and future of the physicians and medical professionals following in her footsteps.

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