Dr. Pobee blends the science of eating with entrepreneurship

Dr. Phyllis Pobee
is board certified physician in weight loss and obesity medicine. She is also the founder and owner of Slim Signal, a weight loss coaching experience providing clients with a holistic support solution on their weight loss journey.

With a seed planted by one encouraging Black teacher in middle school, she trained in family medicine before specializing in cosmetic medicine. Always interested in beauty and aesthetics, she was drawn to this speciality and excited to represent Black women in the predominately white space. 

In 2020 Dr. Pobee reached her goal of losing over 100lbs through transforming her lifestyle and nutrition. This was a game changer on her path. She dove into learning about the science of weight loss. 

“Even as a physician it was still confusing to get the right information about nutrition. It was hard and frustrating. But I figured things out; it’s science,” she said.  

“Once I did, I wanted to create something that was straightforward and easy that could help others reach their goals.” 

Today, through her business Slim Signal, she helps her clients use mind body signaling to make weight loss effortless. Having lived through the frustration and despair of trying to lose weight, she’s able to guide her clients through their journey with the lived and emotional experience to back up her advice. 

Being an entrepreneur adds an extra layer of challenge, different from being a physician. Making this transition has been an adjustment for Dr. Pobee, but one she believes to be worth it. 

“There’s no blueprint to starting your business, it’s not like being a physician, where I get the grade, and I pass the exam and everything’s gonna work out. It doesn’t work like that as an entrepreneur. It’s a journey, and building your network is so important,” she said. 

She credits BPAO as being one of the organizations she can tap into for building this network. Through conversations with members, she’s been supported to see and believe that what she’s doing is possible, and it can work. 

As a married mother of two she looks forward to finding a rhythm that works. She’s working on finding ways to avoid and bounce back from burnout, but trusts that the discomfort is seasonal. 

“People don’t often talk about how hard it all is–but don’t be afraid to bet on yourself, because by some wild way, it might just pay off.”

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