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Community Member Testimonial

This Summer, Akua Obeng attended a Black Health and Wellness Initiative (BHWI) wellness clinic in Brampton at City Hall. She attended following prompting from her

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Communities who care: Rexdale CHC

Rexdale Community Health Centre (RCHC) has three locations in Etobicoke, serving the Rexdale and surrounding communities. Over the pandemic, their team has worked tirelessly to meet

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The OMA Essentials Plan For Students

The start of medical school marks the realization of a long-anticipated dream. As such, it is empirical to safeguard your overall well-being so that you can successfully cross the finish line and manifest your vision.

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BPAO’s Downtown BHVI Pop Up

The Black Health Vaccine Initiative (BHVI) collaborated with community partners to host a wellness hub targeted at the Black community in Downtown Toronto’s St. Jamestown neighbourhood. 

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