BPAO’s Downtown BHVI Pop Up

The Black Health Vaccine Initiative (BHVI) collaborated with community partners to host a wellness hub targeted at the Black community in Downtown Toronto’s St. Jamestown neighbourhood. 

The event was held at Wellesley Community Centre and was open to the public. The clinic had wellness stations for people concerned or curious about their blood pressure or blood sugar, and got information from doctors on their conditions. There was also a vaccination clinic for those who wanted to recieve their Covid-19 vaccine.

The event was held in collaboration with Regent Park CHC, The 519, The Corner, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands, Black CAP, and Sherbourne Health. All organizations came together to support the promotion and process of delivering the community clinic. 

“Some people need a place where they can feel welcome that is not as formal as a hospital setting,” said Dr. Layo Akinremi.  

There was food and music, and community workers across the services sector to provide information and resources to the community on intersecting health concerns. 

“As we move out of the pandemic it’s important to look at not just Covid, but the many issues that face our communities; diabetes, hypertension, mental health, that’s the kind of wrap-around aftercare that we’re trying to give people here today, “ said Dr. David Esho

The BHVI is excited to continue this kind of targeted care work as the year ends and as we plan toward sustaining recovery ahead.

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