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about the Black Health & Vaccine Initiative (BHVI)

The Black Health Vaccine Initiative was established in 2021 by the Black Physicians’ Association of Ontario in response to the disproportionate burden of COVID-19 on Black communities, further compounded by community concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

The Black Health & Well Being Initiative (BHWI)

As of 2022, the Initiative has evolved, in close partnership of the Black Health Alliance, to address more holistic health needs of Black communities to ensure there is collective recovery and greater wellbeing in the community, beyond the pandemic. This joint project is called the Black Health & Well-being Initiative (BHWI). The purpose to build on the pillars (advocate, educate, vaccinate) adding rejuvenate - our aim is to focus on community well-being, and broader health needs. The BHVI was based on the first 3 pillars and BHWI is based on all four, as seen below.


Advocate for Black community resources, the recognition of anti-Black racism as a driver of inequities and the need for institutional change.


Educate those who want culturally appropriate, accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine.


Vaccinate community members in a culturally safe and respectful manner.


Engaging in outreach with a greater focus on collective, holistic well-being beyond the pandemic.

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COVID-19 Community Resources

We understand that sometimes, it can be difficult to find reliable, comprehensive information on COVID-19 and vaccination. BPAO has compiled a list of COVID-19 community resources designed to help you protect yourself and your loved ones as we navigate the ongoing challenges of our new “normal”.

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