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Trillium Health Partners (THP) is seeking a Clinician Scientist and Associate Director, Community Provider Engagement and LHS. Note: All those who are interested in the role but do not meet all of the requirements are encouraged to still apply.
File #: 2022-26092
Position: Clinician Scientist, Primary Care, Institute for Better Health and Associate Director, Community Partnerships, UTOPIAN
Number of Positions: 1
Status: Temporary Part Time for 3 year term 
Unionized: Non-Union
Dept/Health System: Institute for Better Health, THP In Collaboration with the Department of Family & Community Medicine (DCFM), University of Toronto
Site: Mississauga Hospital
Hours of Work/Shifts: up to 0.7 FTE (up to 26.25 hours per week) (0.5 FTE THP AND 0.2 FTE UTOPIAN)
The Institute for Better Health 

Trillium Health Partners established the Institute for Better Health (IBH) in 2014 to enable its mission of a healthier community through applied research and innovation. IBH leads projects and programs to address the needs and challenges of our local system and our community through the application of scientific expertise, innovative thinking, and partnerships.  Being embedded in one of Canada’s largest hospital systems offers exciting opportunities to test solutions that can be adapted to impact health in our community, province, country and beyond.


A new kind of health care means creating a health system that revolves around the patient, is driven by new and better forms of data and, is constantly learning and improving. Within the context of Learning Health Systems (LHS), IBH focuses research programs aligned to four linked themes: learning health systems, patient & family centred care, implementation and evaluation science, and population health and health equity. For more information, please visit IBH’s website
The Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto 
The Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) is an academic department composed of health care professionals dedicated to leadership in teaching, research, service and the advancement of the discipline of family medicine, locally, nationally and internationally. DCFM is the largest academic department of family medicine in the world with over 1,900 faculty, 14 hospital sites, 40+ teaching practices and 1,000+ learners at all levels.  
DFCM’s Strategic Plan – Advancing Family Medicine Globally through Scholarship, Social Responsibility and Strategic Partnerships —outlines a vision to advance high quality patient-centered care through excellence in research, education, and innovative clinical practice. A new DFCM strategic planning process was launched in February 2022 under the leadership of its new Chair- Dr Danielle Martin that is expected to more deeply reflect DFCM’s commitment to community-embedded and socially responsive scholarship. For more information, please visit the DCFM website.  
University of Toronto Practice-Based Research Network

The University of Toronto Practice-Based Research Network (UTOPIAN) holds and manages primary care electronic medical record (EMR) data from UofT affiliated and community sites. It is now part of a provincial Practice Based Learning and Research Network Collaboration (POPLAR). Similar data, nationally and internationally, are proving to be key elements for a growing proportion of high impact primary care research. These data are also essential for supporting improvements in the quality of family medicine service delivery and integrated care systems (such as Ontario Health Teams) and are increasingly seen as a valuable aspect of the education of future physicians and other health professionals.

The pandemic has unmasked staggering inequities in health and access to health care which requires attention to data collection, research, and quality improvement efforts that centre on the principles of community partnership and the LHS model.

THP will manage recruitment for this role on behalf of the collaboration and partners.
Clinician Scientist, IBH
THP is seeking a Clinician Scientist (up to 0.5 FTE) who is a practicing Primary Care Physician (PCP).  The incumbent will report to the Scientific Lead, Institute for Better Health and the level of engagement will be realized on average and adjusted as appropriate throughout the academic year.
Associate Director, UTOPIAN
DFCM is seeking an Associate Director, Community Provider Engagement and LHS within UTOPIAN (0.2 FTE). The incumbent will report to the Director, UTOPIAN and must be eligible to hold a university appointment at the level of Associate or Full Professor in DFCM.

The role caries a three (3) year term with an option for renewal, contingent on securing funding. The incumbent will promote and exemplify excellence in professional practice and conduct and commit to strengthening the research capabilities of THP, DCFM, and UTOPIAN through engagement, collaboration, and a respectful approach. The incumbent’s research experience combined with advanced practice skills will allow them to create and translate knowledge that will enhance primary care systems, both locally and nationally.

The incumbent must have a proven history of successfully engaging front-line primary care clinicians in LHS activities relevant to Practice Based Learning and Research Networks, as well as a demonstrated commitment to health equity. Expertise in applied use of EMR data in routine primary care for quality improvement and research is required. Finding a candidate with additional skills and experience, such as extra fellowship or academic training, demonstrated research interest and productivity, or a career focus in medical education and educational scholarship, is a priority.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Research: Establish and lead a program of research that aligns with IBH, THP, and community priorities and with a clear vision for advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in primary care.
  • Knowledge Translation: Disseminate research findings including peer-reviewed publications and translate knowledge within THP, Peel Region, the DFCM, and primary care more broadly. 
  • Clinical: Establish and / or maintain an active primary care clinical practice.
  • Reputation: Develop a reputation as a collaborative and innovative primary care advocate. Participation in national service activities (e.g., academic societies, primary care working groups, etc.) is encouraged.
  • Collaboration: 
  • Build a broad-based primary care network within the Region of Peel, including engaging a wide range of academic and community-based primary care practices within and beyond the Peel Region.
  • Foster research collaboration between THP and DCFM / UofT / POPLAR and builds scientific collaborations with local, regional, national, and/or international scientists, clinicians, and health system leaders in primary care and community medicine. 
  • Co-develop a community engagement strategy (in consultation with DFCM leads) in areas including Social Accountability; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Indigenous Health; Patient Engagement; and other relevant portfolios.
  • Teaching and Mentoring: 
  • Serve as for primary or secondary mentor for junior faculty, primary care physicians, graduate students, research fellows, and / or residents. 
  • Contribute to teaching and supervising fellows, trainees, and / or students affiliated with IBH and DFCM. 
  • Contribute to teaching at the DCFM, based on the expertise of the incumbent and DCFM needs. 
  • Administration:
  • Develop and implement a strategy to recruit primary care practices into the UTOPIAN PBRN with an initial focus in Peel. 
  • Contribute to committees and / or working groups and assume ad hoc leadership responsibilities at THP or the DCFM.
  • Oversee patient and community engagement activities for the Data Platform (in collaboration with the POPLAR Stakeholder Engagement Committee). 
  • Participate in ongoing efforts and stakeholder engagement to integrate and expand the resources and capacity of UTOPIAN and POPLAR to support LHS models and Ontario Health Teams. 
  • Collaborate with UTOPIAN leadership and administration on:
  • Governance, funding, and regulatory issues related to LHS
  • Maintaining and expanding organizational partnerships with sites, affiliated hospitals, and other relevant institutions
  • Recruitment of new practices, physician groups, and communities that are not well represented in the network focusing on the Region of Peel
  • Development and mentorship of UTOPIAN team
  • Credentials: MD & either PhD, MPH, MSc or equivalent. Exceptional candidates who commit to enrollment in a Masters Program that would deepen understanding in co-design, community engagement, and health equity are eligible to apply. Licensed, or eligible for license, to practice medicine in Ontario. 
  • Peer–reviewed publications: Significant contributions to the peer-reviewed scientific literature commensurate with years of research experience but no less than five publications as first author. 
  • Knowledge translation: Experience presenting at scientific meetings, policy briefings, or equivalent.
  • Mentorship/Teaching: Evidence of mentoring / teaching activities directed to scientific faculty members, staff, fellows, scholars, and / or students.
  • Service: Evidence of contributions to local health care community and the national scientific community. Experience with community partnerships or network building should be highlighted. 
To apply for this position, please upload the following documents as a single PDF file to the portal:
  • Detailed Cover Letter and CV
  • Statement of current and projected program of research (up to 5 pages, 12 font Times New Roman, single spaced, one inch margins)
  • A short statement on contributions to equity, diversity, inclusion, Indigeneity, accessibility (up to 1 page) 
  • Sample first author publication
  • Statement of teaching philosophy (no more than 1 page), sample syllabi or other teaching materials, teaching evaluations if available
  • More details can be found here