President’s Message

Welcome to our revamped website!

The Black Physician’s Association of Ontario continues to grow. As such, it needed a revamped web presence to continue to adequately update its membership on its various activities: Black community-related health news, opportunities for CMEs, youth events, etc.

We are very excited to announce that BPAO is now a formal Not-for-profit Organization abiding to specific legislation and accountable to Revenue Canada. Accountability to our membership is our first priority. This newly acquired status requires us to have increased accountability to our membership and a formal Board of Directors. Through Annual General Meetings of the membership, our members will have greater and formalized opportunities to influence the future directions of the organization.

Through this site, you will learn how the Black Physician’s Association of Ontario continues to advocate for improved health of our communities. This can only be achieved through empowerment of our communities to address the socio-economic disparities that afflict them. We believe that those of us who have emerged from those adversities bear important responsibilities in advocating for our communities. There is a critical mass of black physicians in Ontario to make BPAO a leading community organisation. It is incumbent to all of us to be role models to our youth and communities and hence, change the narrative of what we often see in the news about our communities. We welcome your active engagement.

An important achievement to highlight this year is that BPAO has formalized a partnership with the University of Toronto medical school. We are exploring ways to expose the black youth to the medical field and opportunities for scholarships, hence enhancing their chances of getting admitted into medicine. We invite our members to continue to support this initiative through mentoring our youth.

To our youth, this site can be an important platform where to learn about opportunities available to you. These can range from how to find a mentor, tools on how to overcome barriers to a career in the medical field, or how to actively engage and be an important agent of change in your community.

BPAO also continues to partner with other community organizations such as the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers, The Black Health Alliance, and TAIBU Community Health Centre, which has a mandate to serve the black population in the GTA. With these partnerships, we hope to diversify resources available to our communities.

To achieve its mission, BPAO does need resources. We thank you for your support and welcome your donations.

We take this opportunity to thank members of our Board of Directors for their continued leadership for the success of BPAO. We are also indebted to pioneers in Black Physicians organization movement. We sincerely express our gratitude to them.  Our deep appreciation also goes to our volunteers, without whom BPAO would not be able to organize its activities.


Dr. Placide Rubabaza